What is Paycheck Pakistan?

Paycheck Pakistan is connected to the international WageIndicator Network composing of 100 plus countries.

Paycheck Pakistan provides job seekers complete information on salaries, living wage, minimum wage and relevant content concerning labor law and careers.

Paycheck Pakistan helps one look at pay rates for hundreds of different jobs in all walks of life – private sector, public sector and not-for-profit.

Simpliance and Paycheck Pakistan

Simpliance and Paycheck Pakistan share a common goal of making systems and processes of the labour market more transparent and efficient.

Our objective is to:

  1. Empower employees by making them aware of their work rights and
  2. Assist companies in becoming law compliant by providing them compliance management tools and systems.

What are the main components of Paycheck Pakistan website?

Following are the main components or pillars of Paycheck Pakistan website:

  • Salary Survey - The detailed salary survey helps in understanding the labour market in Pakistan and benchmarking against other countries to draw comparisons. Currently WageIndicator Foundation salary survey covers 92 countries.
  • Salary Check - The salary data collected through salary survey on Paycheck Pakistan website is used to develop the Salary Check tool. The tool provides precise and updated salary information for hundreds of different jobs in all walks of life – private sector, public sector and not-for-profit.

    ● Salary check tool empowers jobseekers and salaried employee to compare their salaries with millions of anonymous profiles across a broad spectrum of industry domains/ experience/functional groups both in Pakistan and other global markets (81 countries).

  • Minimum Wage Check - The tool provides latest and up to date information on minimum wage rates in Pakistan. The Minimum Wage database of WageIndicator Foundation is the largest and most up to date in the world.
  • Wages in Context - Wages in Context provides a range of income figures, including the National Poverty line, World Bank Poverty line, the national Statutory Minimum Wage, the estimated Living Wages and actual wages in low- medium- high-skilled occupations. In this way Wages in Context enables assessing the income situation of working individuals and their families in a country. WageIndicator presents living wages for more than 60 countries with a sound method.
  • Labour Law - Labour law section is an inventory of Pakistan labour law. It provides information on work and wages, working hours, leaves, maternity and paternity benefits, employment security, occupational health and safety, social security etc. The information is provided in simple language for easy understanding of legal terms.

Who are the main audience of Paycheck Pakistan Website?

Paycheck Pakistan’s main target audience is salaried employee or a worker. However, the website is widely referred by employers, trade unions, journalists, researchers and academicians. Know more about Paycheck Pakistan